Microscopic Root-Canal Retreatment

Microscopic Root-Canal Retreatment

Innovative microscope technologies

Because of the their special training, Endodontists are now able to re-treat even failed root-canals with a very high rate of success, deploying brand new techniques and modern technologies like the microscope.

This picture shows the situation before the root-canal retreatment.

  •  Inflammation in the jaw bone
  • Under-filled infected root-canal system
  •  Gutta-percha
  •  Post
  •  Crown

Establishing access to the root canals require crowns, fillings and posts to be removed.

After the removal of the old root-canal filling, the canals can be cleaned and the inside of the tooth be thoroughly examined. This will identify previously undiscovered canal systems and any complex root-canal anatomy.

After cleaning the root-canal system it is filled  and the tooth is sealed with temporary cement .
When necessary, the tooth is prepared for the insertion of a post.

A tooth after successful root-canal treatment and restorative treatment, showing regeneration of the bone.

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