Private Practice

Many patients from all over Germany are referred to our specialist practice by leading dentists

Private Practice

You decide what is the best for your tooth!

Many dentists and their families choose to be treated in our practice.

Many dentists and their families choose to be treated in our practice.
Patients are sent to our specialist practice in Bad Homburg from the entire country. Our philosophy is reflected in the extensive efforts we take to accommodate patients’ wishes, our opening hours, and the special qualifications and advanced training of our team-members. We speak German, English, French and Russian, so foreign patients too find themselves in the very best hands. Furthermore, we work together with other specialized professionals and clinics (see Specialist Team Approach ).

It takes considerable effort to save teeth with diseased roots. The cost of root-canal treatment of this nature far exceed the guidelines of the public insurance companies and are set on the basis of the private insurance rates ( the so-called Gebührenordnung für Zahnärzte, or GOZ).

Before every endodontic treatment we therefore provide a detailed, binding cost estimate so that you know how much preserving your tooth is going to cost.

The alternative would be to extract the diseased tooth, but of course this also costs money, and the cost for an implant or a bridge are often higher than those of an extensive root-canal treatment. You decide what is best for you and your health.

Within 48 hours of treatment we will send you and your dentist an X-ray or report as appropriate, to enable him or her to understand the situation, monitor the result of the treatment and to plan any further treatment required.

Our team does everything to make your stay as pleasant as possible. This starts with a cappuccino, coffee or green tea and a selection of good books and magazines. You also have free access to the internet and a choice of music during the treatment. You can even watch a movie of your choice during the root-canal treatment using video glasses.

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