What happens during endodontic treatment?

What happens during endodontic treatment?

The initial situation may be deep caries in the crown of a tooth. An infected root-canal system  as well as an inflammation in the bone may result. After a clinical examination of the tooth, diagnostic x-rays are taken, local anesthetic is administered and the tooth is then isolated with a rubber dam.

After the caries have been removed a hole is drilled through the crown to gain access to the root-canal. Using very fine and flexible instruments as well as special rinsing solution, the root-canal system is cleaned and prepared meticulously.

The entire root-canal system is now completely filled (“obturated”) with gutta-percha (a form of natural rubber) and sealed with adhesive cement. The tooth is treated with a temporary filling until subsequent restorative treatment takes place.

After root-canal treatment the bone needs about 6-12 months to regenerate, in the vast majority of cases leading to no further problems.

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