Regenerative Endodontics

The revitalisation (revascularisation) of necrotic pulp

A paradigm shift has taken place in the last few years concerning the treatment of teeth whose roots are not fully formed , in combination with a dead or dying pulp and periapical periodontitis (an acute or chronic inflammatory disease around the apex of a tooth root which is caused by bacterial invasion).

Classical treatment was aimed at the so-called apexification, which required the creation of a barrier at the root apex to allow a controlled root filling . However, not fully-formed roots are subject to a higher risk of fracture, due to their thin root canal walls.

Completely new biological thinking and technology underlies regenerative endodontics. Its aim is to allow new tissue to be created inside the root-canal system by bringing together multi-potent stem cells from the dental papilla, growth factors from dentin, and platelet-enriched plasma.

Crucially this process enables the root to further develop and achieve its structural integrity. The tooth continues to grow longer and thicker, and this increases the long term prognosis.


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