Endodontic Medicine

Endodontic Medicine – need for a specialist for root canal treatment

Cultures of antiquity as the Greeks and Romans already stressed the relationship between physical und intellectual well-being („mens sana in corpore sano „).

There is a significant body of evidence to support independent associations between severe periodontitis and several non‐communicable diseases including diabetes, cardiovascular disease , chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and chronic kidney disease . The impact of periodontitis on the general health status is biologically plausible, via translocated circulating oral microbiota, which may directly or indirectly induce systemic inflammation. Although endodontic infections cause a local tissue response, there is compelling evidence that like periodontitis, chronic inflammatory processes of endodontic origin may also contribute to systemic inflammation, compromising the patient’s general health status .

This is not surprising at all, as the microbiota of periodontal and endodontic diseases are quite similar. Furthermore recent studies with a high level of evidence could demonstrate, that almost 50% of root canal treated teeth exhibit chronic infections in the jawbones.

“Endodontic medicine” means that chronic inflammatory processes of endodontic origin may contribute to the severity of other systemic chronic inflammatory conditions .

The ultimate goal of my treatment is to preserve patients teeth permanently as well as a sustainable improvement of their general medical status.

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