Build-up of root-treated teeth

After root-canal therapy the teeth need to be restored properly.

If only a small amount of tooth structure has been removed , teeth can be restored using bonded composites, preventing recontamination of the tooth with bacteria.

Access cavity to allow root-canal treatment

Adhesive build-up with composite

When a substantial amount of tooth structure has been lost, it may be necessary to do a post build-up in order to create enough retention for the future crown. A number of materials are available:

Posts and cores made from precious gold-containing alloys



Tooth-colored post and cores made out of Zirconia


Pre-final restoration with a Zirconia-post

Final Situation


Tooth-colored post and cores made out of composite and a Quartz-fibre-post


Final Situation

State after root-canal treatment and subsequent insertion of a Quartz-fibre-post


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