3D Root-Canal Treatment

Innovative Endodontics are three-dimensional

Only what you can see with precisely can be treated optimally. This is why modern Endodontics are impossible without a surgical microscope.

The cleaning and shaping of the root-canal systems are the decisive step of any endodontic treatment. Cleaning serves to remove everything organic from the root-canal system – in particular bacterial biofilms and bacterial by-products and toxins. Organic tissue, bacteria, and other toxic substances are dissolved and removed in the entire root-canal system with special irrigating solutions. The root-canals are shaped using microscopically fine flexible files (some of them as small as 0,06 millimeters in diameter!). Leftover tissue is removed and the root-canal system is shaped according to its anatomical geometry.

Only then the root-canal system can be predictably obturated. We vertically compact warm gutta-percha, a material related to natural rubber, in combination with a bioacompatible/bioactive sealer. This technique, developed by Dr. Herbert Schilder, allows the 3-dimensional filling of the microscopically small and otherwise inaccessible branches of the root-canal system.

Then the access cavity is filled with an adhesive composite material or post build-up, allowing your dentist to carry out the rest of the work.

Identification of extra canals with the microscope. This example shows 5 separate root-canal orifices in a molar that usually has only 3 roots.

Condition of the root-canal after correct cleaning and shaping showing the surface of the root-canal as well as lateral canals.

A filled root-canal system exhibiting its full complexity.


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