Why are there Endodontic Specialists?

Long term studies in the US and Scandinavia have shown long-term success rates of about 90% for professionally performed root-canals – assuming an appropriate restoration, healthy gums and regular dental hygiene.

The tooth’s root-canal system is comparable to the roots of a tree and is composed of a set of branches, some of which no larger than a human hair. Traditional endodontic practice only treats the main branches within the root-canal system. Endodontic specialists, however, attempt to go much further. The techniques developed and taught by Dr. Herbert Schilder at Boston University (USA) are designed to clean the entire root-canal system, in all its complexity, from bacteria and from diseased or dead tissue. This involves the use of ultra-fine flexible files as well as irrigation techniques to clean and shape the root-canals, which are then 3-dimensionally filled with warm gutta-percha (a form of natural rubber) and a so-called sealer. This technique is extremely difficult and time-consuming, and is therefore more costly. The quality of this treatment however contributes to its long-term success. In this way the referring dentist will get a very reliable base on which to place the final restoration (e.g., a crown).

100% cleaning with a 3-dimensional obturation = 100% success

In some instances a surgical procedure on the root tip may be required. Endodontic surgery, performed with a surgical operating microscope, requires advanced training and many hours of experience.This enables up to 90% success rates with even the most complicated procedures. Endodontists are specially trained to treat accidental injuries to teeth and their surrounding tissue (dental trauma). Endodontists are also experienced in finding the cause of oral and facial pain that has been difficult to diagnose

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