Dental Trauma

Traumatic injury of a tooth

Dental Trauma

Important Information for Patients

What you should do if you have a damaged tooth

Fractured tooth

If a tooth is painfully sensitive to hot or cold you should see a dentist or endodontist right away!

Displaced tooth

If possible, move the tooth back to its original position. See a dentist or endodontist right away!

If a tooth has been knocked out

If possible, put the tooth back in its original position. If you have a device to preserve knocked-out teeth (e.g. Save-A-Tooth) use it; failing that, keep the tooth in your mouth (don’t swallow it!) or put it in milk or in water. See a dentist, or better, an endodontist as soon as possible.

Please visit the website of “The Dental Trauma Guide” in order to get further information on the topic. It is a non-profit website dedicated to optimising worldwide treatment of dental trauma.

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