Further education means progress

Further education means progress

Apart from providing medical treatment in my endodontic practice in Bad Homburg I also offer a series of lectures to interested colleagues. Please see the calendar for dates and topics. If you are interested in an event or want to learn more, please feel free to contact me.

Zahnärztekammer Hamburg

Since 2002 Scientific Lead and lecturer in the structured graduate Endodontics program

Düsseldorf Dental Academy

2011 Lecturer in the masters course Endodontics

Universite Diderot Paris VII

Since 2012 Instructor on the postgraduate endodontic program

Please see the calendar for the recent dates and events.

Further education material

The video “Endodontics – New Treatment Concepts” was developed in cooperation with the Quintessenz-Verlag, and can also be ordered online.



»Zur Wirkungsweise und Revision von „Russian Red“.« Heike Steffen, Oliver Pontius. Quintessenz 2014;65(7):801–811
Full Article (German, PDF, 500 KB)

»Retrospective Evaluation of Perforation Repairs in 6 Private Practices.« Valerie Pontius, Oliver Pontius, Andreas Braun, Roland Frankenberger, and Matthias Johannes Roggendorf. JOE — Volume 39, Number 11, November 2013
Full Article (English, PDF, 420 KB)

»Survival rate and fracture strength of incisors restored with different post and core systems after exposure in the artificial mouth.« Strub, J. R., Pontius, O. et al. (2001). J Oral Rehabil 28(2): 120-4.
Full Article (English, Wiley Online Library, Online)

»Survival rate and fracture strength of incisors restored with different post and core systems and endodontically treated incisors without coronoradicular reinforcement.« Pontius, O. and J. W. Hutter (2002). J Endod 28(10): 710-5.
Full Article (English, PDF, 332 KB)

»Der mikroendodontische Behandlungsplatz.« In: Arbeitssystematik und Infektionsprophylaxe in der Zahnmedizin, Pontius,O., R. Hilger, Quintessenz, 2007: 195-199.
Full Article (German, PDF, 1,3 MB)

»Vertikale Kondensationstechnik mit warmer Guttapercha« In: Farbatlanten der Zahnmedizin, Endodontologie, Pontius,O., Baumann M.A., Beer, R., Georg Thieme Verlag, 2008: 229-239.
Full Article (German, PDF, 856 KB)

»Revision endodontischer Behandlungen« In: Farbatlanten der Zahnmedizin, Endodontologie, Pontius, O., Baumann M.A., Beer, R., Georg Thieme Verlag, 2008: 275-298.
Full Article (German, PDF, 2,8 MB)

»Restoring the fractured root-canal-treated maxillary lateral incisor: In search of an evidence-based approach« Pontius, O., Türp, J.C., Heydecke, G., Krastl, G., Antes, G., Zitzmann, N. U. Quintessence Int 2007;38:179–191
Full Article (English, PDF, 233 KB)

»Apexification and coronal restoration after traumatic tooth avulsion: a 10 year follow-up« Pontius, O. ENDO (Lond Engl) 2009;3(1):35–41
Full Article (English, PDF, 188 KB)


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